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Happy & Bennett

Strategy + Communications + Connection

Caroline Mauldin Dhane is an executive coach, facilitator, writer, and organizational consultant driven by empathy, inclusion, and efficiency.

She is the Founder & CEO of Happy & Bennett, LLC, a consulting firm committed to helping leaders and teams through smart strategy, effective communication, and authentic connection.

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It's a legacy thing.

Founded in 2015 by Caroline Mauldin, Happy & Bennett, LLC is a national strategy and communications firm named for her grandmothers—always gracious, often fierce, world-traveling, radically-compassionate, southern women. Based in Atlanta (and Zoom), Happy & Bennett's work is a testament to their vision for a better world & their tenacity in realizing that vision.  

How can we help?

Happy & Bennett offers a wide-array of consulting services for purpose-driven companies and causes.

Strategic Planning

Opportunity abounds, but resources [sadly] do not—which is why we all need a plan. We'll help you strengthen your impact (and legacy!) by articulating your vision and creating an efficient and effective roadmap where opportunity and resources come together.


The irony of our interconnected era is that we are increasingly isolated from perspectives and resources outside of our immediate networks. Whether you are a national funder looking to foster local partnerships or a business leader eager to enter a new market, we'll help you build authentic business relationships that reflect your mission and values.


Communications is not just what you say—it is how you are heard. We'll help you craft resonant messaging that brings both your friends and frenemies to the table. We also offer speechwriting, copy-editing, and public-speaking coaching.


We work with senior leaders at nonprofits and venture-backed start-ups to create space for personal and professional discernment and growth--all anchored in empathy, efficiency, and inclusion (a powerful combo).


The road to progress is paved with...lots of meetings. We'll help you bring stakeholders together and orchestrate conversations that produce outcomes rather than...more meetings. 

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